mtrumpet424 August 2001

Here's Matt on 24 August 2001, after his marching band concert and almost exactly a week before his life changed. After breaking his neck on September 1st, he wore a neck brace for two months, missed the marching season, and learned that contact sports were out of the picture forever. He's okay now, but runs a high risk of further injury, as the ligaments between his vertebrae, which provide protection for the rest of us, will never fully heal. You won't see him body surfing this summer, but he will be able to participate in the Pier Run.

Matt uses the name MTrumpet4 for AOL Instant Messenger. He's on AIM all the time. I think the name comes from the days when he was fourth chair trumpet in 8th grade. The name has stuck and some people, when they meet him in person, exclaim, "Oh, you're mtrumpet4!"

DWL (29 June 2001.)

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