2 - Matt at the Mac IIsi2 November 2001

Not sure what year this was. We got the Mac IIsi in 1991, when Matt was 4. This is probably the same year, around his 5th birthday. Matt took to the computer right away, and has been comfortable with most aspects of computing as long as we can remember. In this photo, he's probably drawing something with KidPix, late at night, as usual.

The Mac IIsi was a ~20 MHz computer with 5 MB of memory and a 40 MB hard drive. We got online in 1995, four years after this photo. We actually had access to the Internet during the mid-1980s, with a terminal that I had brought home from work, but Matt couldn't appreciate it then for two reasons: (1) he was an infant and (2) it predated the world wide web and the Internet was much less interesting. The computer Matt uses today is 800 MB, with 256 MB of memory and two hard drives with a combined capacity of nearly 30 GB; it is networked to similar computer with 40 GB of space.

You'll still find Matt at our computer late at night, whenever he gets a chance. He's a bit taller now, about 5'10". Sometimes I wonder if we should have nipped this habit in the bud. Then again, he'll probably get a job based on his computer skills.

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