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13 November 2001

Here's Bayley, playing with one of the cat's toys, a few feathers on a string. The cats usually jump high into the air to catch it as we swing it around the room. Bayley grabs it and pulls with all her might, a growling tug-of-war battle.

At one point yesterday, Susan and the kids decided that it would be best to bring the dog back to the animal shelter. We just got her last Friday and it seemed she was already affecting our home in a negative way: soiling the carpet, chewing on things, terrorizing the cats, whining and scratching at the back door, barking at the us, the cats, and her own reflection, etc., etc. Snickers and Jazzy are relegated to tabletops, chairs, and counters when Bayley is in the house. This is not acceptable.

The main reason behind their decision was that this dog really does require personal attention. With our busy schedules, it seemed somewhat cruel to leave Bayley in the house "alone" without human companionship.

This morning, Scott was saying his goodbyes to Bayley when I left with Matt for school. When I returned home a few minutes later, Scott had already left with the carpool and Bayley was in her cage near the back door. Scott had distributed little notes around the house pleading, "Don't take him back. Please!"

Having worked all night in my office, I spent the morning with Bayley and the cats. No problems at all. Everyone was very well-behaved.

Bayley remains. The saga continues...


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