Susan and Matt at the Doubletree24 November 2001

How quickly the days pass! I thought I would be taking a photo every day of the Thanksgiving break, but it passed and I have none since Friday! So, in keeping with my determination to make this a daily journal, I've scoured my computer hard drive at work and found this wonderful shot of Susan and Matt at the health club we used to frequent, before we got the pool in our backyard. If I'm not mistaken, this was taken during an end of the year party for Matt's 4th grade class, back in 1998. I'll check later on... maybe it was 5th grade a year later.

Recently, Matt has joined the new YMCA in our neighborhood. It's located less than a half-mile from our house and he's able to go there with some friends to work out. Scott isn't old enough to go by himself, so we're considering getting a family membership so he can go with one of us.

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