Ed's office27 November 2001

If you want to talk trivia, sports or otherwise, you'd find that Ed is one of the friendliest and most interesting people in our office. Ed also happens to be my favorite Canadian. "May his hose never crack and his maple leaf never fade to pink." Like that one? Here's another: "May your puck always drop and your crease be cleared." I know...they make no sense at all, but they're funny.

Here's Ed in his office back in January 2001, probably talking about spring training, or the lineups for a Canadiens-Bruins game from 1973. Some of the interesting photos in the background include San Diego harbor photo, a map of the Southern California Bight, and an image of Hurricane Linda - Sept. 1997 (185 mph winds), which interrupted our two coworkers' fishing trip near Cabo San Lucas.

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