Scott, Gramma, and Matt30 December 2001

These three just don't get together often enough. We have had a nice, relaxing visit so far. No places to go, just hanging around the house. Today we played more music: Dad playing piano while one or more of us accompanied him on a brass instrument. Dad and I took Bayley for a walk and bought a paper.

Later, we did a little shopping: Mom and Susan went to Michaels to get some materials for Scott's class project; Dad and I browsed around Costco for a while, bought a 24-pack of batteries. Matt and Scott went to a movie with some friends in the early afternoon. Mom, Scott, and I had a dip in the hot tub (in the rain!) after a dinner of home-made tacos.

Tomorow, Dad wants to visit Krispy Kreme donuts, a difficult request to turn down, and maybe the Wild Animal Park.


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