Scott, February 20026 February 2002

Scott needed a photo of himself for something at school, so we took several in the living room. Here's one of them, which turned out pretty nicely.

Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Y for a workout from 9-10 pm. The place closes at 10, so it's not very crowded during that time. We had fun trying out the various machines. Both of us decided we should probably spend a couple of hours on the sit-up/crunch machines every day.

Scott got all A's on his report card again. Pretty impressive. It's something I never accomplished until I was in graduate school. He also played in his first basketball game as a member of the school's 7th grade team. Unfortunately, the team lost its first game. Scott got lots of playing time and scored a point.

Matt is taking a class in C++ this semester. He is already a bit ahead in the class because he went through a few of the tutorials in a book that I have on the subject. I have a feeling he's becoming quite dangerous on the computer! He went running with his friend, Jordan, after Scott and I got back from the Y. They don't seem to mind the hills in our neighborhood, and took a route that I usually avoid.


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