Matt's Room7 February 2002

This is where we find Matt most of the time, in his room in his favorite chair, doing homework or on the computer (or both). Here he's reading for his English class. Matt got three A's and three B's on his report card this semester. Pretty great, I think. A day or so ago, he gave a speech promoting himself for Treasurer of the Key Club, a community service organization at the school. He's the Freshman Rep at the moment, and has spent many weekend days doing things like house painting, car washes, graffitti paint-outs, food drives, tree planting, helping at schools and community events, among many others.

I drove Matt to his trumpet lesson today after work. Susan took Scott to his trombone lesson around the same time. As you can see, one of Matt's trumpets is within easy reach, in case he wants to play a few notes. Actually, this one is Bobby's trumpet, on long-term loan to Matt.


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