10 - Matt's home10 April 2002

No, he wasn't sitting here during my entire trip to Minnesota and Iowa. Matt and Susan actually took a little trip during my absence. They went with a few other VIP's from the high school's Key Club to San Jose for the annual convention. I think it's about an 8-hour drive, and they stayed up there from Friday to Sunday last weekend. According to Susan, the convention was filled with spirit and fun, and was quite motivating for everyone involved. Matt's high school has one of the most active Key Club's in the region, and are always out there doing some sort of volunteer or community service work. Matt is now the club's treasurer and continues to be the most active freshman in the club. When he's not at school ir doing key club activities, this is where you'll find him. The best way to talk to him is to send him a message on AOL Instant Messenger (mtrumpet4). Try it!

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