Scott and Bayley

21 April 2002

We had a busy day today. In mid-afternoon, I participated in the first annual RPB Board basketball game and scored 8 points! I think it was my highest point total ever in an organized basketball game. My team lost, 37-52. Scott substituted for me a few minutes in the second quarter. He got into the game a few times because our team had only five adults and we needed rest! I returned later in the quarter and gave Scott a nice pass for a basket.

Later, Scott and I played a round of disc golf at Morley Field. We've played there only twice this year. The first time was last weekend, when we had scores of 57 and 72. This time our scores were 54 and 66. My scores are the lower ones. (I doubt I'll be able to say that much in a couple of years.)

Here's a nice photo of Scott and Bayley this evening. It's hard to get Bayley to sit still for a photo!

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