Tufte23 April 2002

Today I attended a class taught by Edward Tufte, shown here answering questions during a "break." Actually, he never really got much of a break, because people were always coming up and talking to him or asking for autographs in their books. The great thing about this class was that everyone in the audience seemed to statistics. My kind of people, indeed!

Tufte has written three wonderful books on techniques for displaying information:

"The Visual Display of Quantitative Information"

"Visual Explanations"

"Envisioning Information"

If you're at all interested in numbers, graphs, maps, or art, I highly recommend any or all of these titles. His website is http://www.edwardtufte.com. Some other sites that he recommended we look at are listed below. (I put them here so I can find them easily if I ever get time to go see them.)



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