San Diego

26 April 2002

Some days I like to take advantage of San Diego's scenery and get out of the office for lunch. Today I had the opportunity to visit Point Loma because I needed to get a new military decal for my car. (We often do work for the Navy.) So I picked up some fish taquitos and lemonade from Point Loma Seafoods, one of my favorite fast food restaurants in town, then headed out to the lighthouse to watch the boats go by as I ate.

This is a view of downtown San Diego from Point Loma, looking from west to east. Past the military cemetary, you can see the western portion of San Diego Bay and the airstrips of North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado. The east portion of the bay is barely visible just in front of the city skyline. A few mountains are visible just beneath the clouds along the horizon.

Happy Birthday to Jon!


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