Lingner and Brick

29 April 2002

Here I am with the speaker from our monthly Air & Waste Management Association luncheon at the Sizzler restaurant. We had quite a crowd for Bill's presentation, entitled "Ozone Layers Aloft & Air Quality in San Diego County." As the vice chair of our local A&WMA chapter, I got to give various announcements, introduce the speaker, and give him a nice parting gift (a coffee mug) after his talk. Bill's a meteorologist who studies ozone transport from the Los Angeles area into San Diego. He's also a licensed pilot, which allows him to fly up into the inversion layer and take samples to use in his models and studies. The Sizzler is a nice place to have these luncheons. They give us a private room with room for 40 people or so. I think we had about 35 today. The lunch is a buffet, so people can eat all they want.

After my day at work, I taught chemistry, as usual, then went to a Band Boosters meeting at Matt's high school. We've volunteered to do the newsletter for that organization next year.

Matt had his trumpet lesson tonight and Scott went to jazz band.


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