an old soul

30 April 2002

Susan and the kids got me a new HP Photoscanner 1000 for my birthday. It arrived today, so I just had to open it to make sure it worked. Here's the result of my first attempt at using the thing. This is Matt on Susan's shoulder. I don't remember exactly what we were doing, but it was probably whale-watching somewhere near La Jolla. Susan would surely remember. For some reason, this has always been one of my favorite photos of Matt, as it seemed to capture his pensive side and a sense of inner peace. Then again, it could be that his mind was completely blank and his eyes just happened to be pointed at the camera. No, Matt has always been one who's aware of things, as if he's been there before. He was "born older," one might say. Now if only I could get him to let up on the gas pedal before he tries to shift....


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