future disc golf champion

1 May 2002

Nothing better than playing at Morley Field in May, with the Jacaranda trees in full purple bloom and a clear fairway ahead. Last time we played this hole, a week or so ago, Scott put his first shot right near where you see the flag in this photo. [Click on the photo... it's down the hill, 296 feet away from the tee...] Unfortunately, the flag was a few positions (about 50 feet) back from where you see it here. One of these days he'll ace this hole; probably sooner than later.

Scott is definitely finding new territory these days, as he grows and develops his "snap." Even back when this photo was taken, his throws would always draw a gasp or comment from people waiting behind us. Usually it's something like one person telling his playing partner, "Hey, that little kid throws better than you do!"


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