Rock 'n Roll Marathon

2 May 2002

Today I spent the day at the jury lounge in the Hall of Justice, on Broadway, the main street in downown San Diego. This was my second call to serve jury duty at the San Diego County Courthouse. I've been called for the Federal Court once as well. This time I didn't make it onto a jury. In San Diego, if you make it through a day without being called, you're off the hook for another year or so, until the random selector picks you again.

Did you know this is "Law Week?" In celebration, we were addressed by an Abraham Lincoln impersonator this morning during our orientation session. Aside from Old Abe, the highlight of my day was the nice walk around the city, where I saw these banners advertising for the Suzuki Rock 'n Roll Marathon. Sue's going to run this one too! Come on out and watch, this June 2nd in San Diego!


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