Canyon View Coyotes10 May 2002

They're probably holding Science Field day for elementary school kids again this month. We did it four times, I think. First year, we didn't do so well, but every other year, our kids took 1st place in the county for at least one event. We're quite proud of them. Can you tell?

In middle school, similar events are the 6th grade Science Fair and the Science Olympiad. Our kids have done quite well in Science Olympiad, but chose not to participate this year. In the Science Fair, Matt placed 1st in his school for the Physical Sciences division with his "Hot or Not" study of the perception of salsa hotness compared to the measured acidity of the salsa. Two years later, Scott studied the flight characteristics of various golf discs versus their diameter and height and won the Sweepstakes Award in the S.D. County competition (the highest award one can win in this thing). In a couple of weeks, he'll be the honored guest at this year's award ceremony and will hand the award to the new Sweepstakes winner.

Susan used our Mac IIsi to design this logo for our T-shirts in the Science Field Day competition.


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