new classroom website9 June 2002

This is the result of my weekend project. Rather than painting the kitchen or installing a door, as my brother is wont to do, I've been building new websites lately instead. This weekend, I redesigned my classroom website for the upcoming summer course. It's almost done; well, the format is, anyway. I've got to work a bit on the content, updating the study guides, homework page, and other features. My class starts in a week, so there's plenty of time. Usually, I'm making the site and writing the syllabus on the first day of classes. That's why my pages have looked pretty much the same over the past few semesters. How do you like the periodic table metaphor that I've used for my navigation bar? When you go to the other pages, can you remember what the symbols stand for? My students will get used to it, I'm sure, and will soon realize that only one of these symbols stands for an actual element on the periodic table. They'll need to know the symbols and names for each of the first 36 elements. Do you know which one of these symbols falls into this group? Do you know the actual name of the element denoted by this symbol?


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