Senegal!15 June 2002

Usually, I'm somewhat interested in sports, watching the occasional portion of a game on TV. This month, however, my interest is especially great, as I've been staying up all hours of the night watching the World Cup on ESPN or the Spanish-language channel, Univision. Last night, both games went into overtime. I had taken a nap during the afternoon so I could stay up to watch the Sweden-Senegal game at 11:20 pm. Senegal won that one in the first overtime period. After a short sleep, the bedroom TV switched on automatically early in the morning to wake me up for the Spain-Ireland match, which Spain won in a shootout after they remained tied 1-1 during thirty minutes of overtime.

It's not just soccer that's keeping me glued to the TV these days. Last weekend it was French Open tennis and the NBA and NHL finals. Now it's U.S. Open golf, at one of the most interesting courses I've ever seen. Not to mention the great inter-league baseball matchups that are occuring this month. We'll be heading to LA next weekend to watch a Red Sox-Dodgers game, then back to San Diego to see the Yankees in town for their second visit ever.


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