Torrey Pines State Park21 June 2002

This week, I walked to Flat Rock in Torrey Pines State Park from two different directions. First, from the north along the beach, then later in the week, from the east on the path through the coastal sage and down the cliffs. I've been enjoying the park since getting my parking pass a few weeks ago, and plan to feature more photos of its scenery in future updates.

Today we watched the movie, "Black Hawk Down" on DVD. Knowing what little I do about military life, after observing the National Guard, Air Force, and other organizations over the last 12 years, I would guess that this is one of the more realistic portrayals I've ever seen. If you can stomach the realism, this is a great movie to see. If you can't stomach it, you should do it anyway, because this is what war is about, realism. It's not something from which we should be distancing ourselves.


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