Dodger Blue22 June 2002

We visited Dodger Stadium today to see the Dodgers host the Red Sox for the first time since the 1916 World Series, when Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the Red Sox and the Dodgers lived in Brooklyn.

Our outing was arranged by the combined Southern California alumni clubs of Bates and Bowdoin Colleges. Turns out the two women sitting nearest to us in this photo were Bates Alumnae, from the classes of 1951 and 1979. Surprisingly, I didn't remember the 1979 alumna, but we found we had many mutual acquaintances.

Our seats were in the "reserved" level above the first base line, so we could see into the Dodger dugout near third base. It's quite a nice stadium, with a nice view beyond the outfield seats to a hillside park and the police academy. On the hill, someone has placed large blue letters resembling the famous "Hollywood" sign, saying "Think Blue" for the fans of the Dodgers, who have white and blue uniforms.

It was a nice day of baseball, even though the Sox lost a close 5-4 game. Our ride up was quite pleasant in our relatively new Mazda Tribute. Later in the day, we watched the movie, "Kate and Leopold" on DVD. I found it to be one of my favorite movies of the year.


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