6 - Half chowchow, half golden retriever6 September 2002

Here's our ferocious little dog, Bayley.

I got another job today, teaching a chemistry lab on Friday nights at Mesa College. As you might expect, there wasn't much competition for the position. Actually, I got it because I knew the right person at the right time. This time, I wasn't even looking for additional employment; it just seemed to fit. I hope it's this easy if/when I ever really need to find some work. Mesa College is in the San Diego Community College District, along with Miramar College and City College. I've been teaching at Miramar since 1991, so it's not exactly a new employer, just a new location. My first lab tonight went quite well. The Friday night section just opened up yesterday, and now enrolls 18 students, all of whom crashed the course tonight.


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