hang gliding1 October 2002

I'm working late today, but I went out for a break around dinner time, picked up a smoothie and a bag of chips, an headed for the glider port over near the Salk Institute. Yes, Jonas Salk was the guy who figured out the polio vaccine. The Salk Institute is one of the more famous biotechnology research centers here in San Diego.

Five or ten people were up in the air, taking off, or landing, either in one of these parachute-like things, or in regular hang gliders (the ones that look more like paper airplanes).

Later in the year, an evening like this would be perfect for whale watching, as every white spout would be perfectly visible against the calm, gray sea. Today, I saw a few boats and helicopters, but no whales... mostly just these daredevils above the cliffs and the Torrey Pines golf course.


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