17 November 2002

Our band performed magnificently at the tournament in Arcadia this weekend. It finished off a great season of marching; one in which we were glad to see Matt actually participate, instead of standing behind the band on the sidelines. In this photo, he's the 4th from the right in the front row (trumpets). Here's how one band parent described yesterday's field show:

"Congratulations Mt.Carmel! Wow! You provided the only band experience that combined beautiful music and wonderfully clean visuals in both Parade and Field Show. The parade music was excitingly subtle, musical, accurate and a pleasure to hear. Lines were straight, angles were accurate, legs were in phase and step. And then we came to your field show were even your warmup was breathtaking. All of your hard work paid off in a wonderful performance that was a breath of fresh air and appreciated by the crowd. We heard drums that supported the musicality of the band rather than a crash bang attack. We heard brass with warmth, richness, tone, dynamics and precision rather than a brash, flat, blaring, inaccurate presentation. We heard woodwinds that moved through difficult passages and arpegios with ease and the ability to sound like one instrument. We heard pit players create rhythms, accents, melodies and harmonies that enhanced the total ensemble rather than fighting with it. We saw dedicated students committed to a standard of excellence rare in this climate where "flash" and "busyness" seem to be valued. We saw a field show that flowed from one element to the next with a clear beginning, middle and end. We saw students who performed their drill with confidence, and new exactly where they were to land (without looking around to see if they made their spot). We saw visuals that added the exclamation point to the phrase. It was over far too quickly and such a delight. Thank you!"


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