1989 Mazda23 November 2002

Well, we finally donated the old car to charity. The St. Vincent DePaul society tow truck came by this morning at 8:30 a.m. to accept our wonderful donation. It was sad to see the old car go away.

Later in the day, Scott had a basketball practice followed immediately by a band concert, which was the first concert ever at the new high school. Scott won't be going to that high school next year, but it was nice that he was involved in one of the "firsts." Matt was also involved in the founding of the new HS; he was one of the kids that got to hold a shovel and wear a hard hat during the groundbreaking ceremony a couple of years ago.

Today, Matt had a key club meeting, then another key club event where they had a gift wrap table at a toy store (Zany Brainy).



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