Jane & Ben

1 December 2002

Another busy day at our house. I've been working on an old project, trying to finish, so I can get to the four or five (or is it 10-15? I'd rather not think about it) other projects that lay dormant beside my desk.

Scott went to a special basketball practice, held by the high school coach in their off-season. They are working on leg strength and shooting form.

Matt and Susan continued to work on Matt's project for spanish class. Matt's team built an adobe house with bricks baked in our oven, and will direct the rest of their classmates in tile painting tomorrow during school. We got 40 small tiles for $0.11 apiece at Home Depot; permanent markers of various colors at Office Depot. Matt drove alone to his friend's house to work on the project. We're still getting used to that.

Happy Birthday, Jane.



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