Scott with stocking presents
We start Christmas Day after everybody wakes up. This time, both kids woke up first, and made sure we arose soon after. Typically, we go through our Christmas stockings first, then go eat breakfast.
Matt and Scott raiding under the tree
Matt, Susan, and Bayley at the stockings
This year, nobody was really ready for breakfast after our late dinner party last night, so we postponed breakfast until after we opened all of the presents.
25 December 2002

Merry Christmas


Bayley with new squeaky toy
Susan's dad came over for dinner in the afternoon. We had a nice meal of ham, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and Bob's famous cheesecake.

Snickers loves the wrapping papers
See you in January.

Jazzy checks out the scene.
Later, Matt drove us around "Christmas Card Lane", which is actually a network of streets with elaborate displays of cartoon-painted boards and holiday lights.

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