11 - Susan's Birthday

11 January 2003

Susan's birthday was busy and unusual. She and Matt started the day with a beach cleanup at La Jolla Shores. Mom, Dad, and I took Scott to a volleyball event later in the morning. Susan and Mom went to Michaels for a little shopping around noon. Dad and I went to a the "Organ Stop" to browse some sheet music. Scott's basketball game at 5:00 pm was next. He scored 12 points in a nice win over a good team. We rushed over to Panda Express for dinner, then over to the Poway Center for the Performing Arts for a high school orchestra and wind ensemble concert. Mom and Dad met many of our band friends there, including Scott's trombone teacher.

We had our birthday ceremony around 11:30 pm. Does the birthday girl look a little tired? If she wasn't before she ate the cake, she sure was afterwards. Turned out the "chocolate torte" was a little too rich, even for Susan, a lifelong chocolate lover.



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