Remembering snow20 February 2003

Thinking about the snowstorm that I narrowly missed last weekend as I flew over the midwestern turbulence, I tried to remember the last time I experienced a decent snowfall. The time last year when a few square miles of San Diego got a freak hailstorm and a half-inch of accumulation didn't really count as snow.

Then I found this photo, taken Halloween Day of 1998 in Lansing, Michigan, the last time I really experienced a real snowstorm. This is my friend, Kurt, standing next to our rental car as we prepare to drive through the snow and slush to the Michigan Biologic Products Institute for a day of environmental and health & safety inspections. The storm took us and the locals completely by surprise, as the previous day was a beautiful autumn day. Our drive to MBPI was quite an experience. We were forced into detours around fallen trees at every turn, and came within inches of being side-swiped by a speeding snowplow! Fortunately, we made it back to San Diego in one piece.



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