8 May 2003

Joe and I spent all day today working at the Air Force Base near Manhattan Beach. After dinner, we drove down to the pier and were amused by this sign. We decided it would be a great place to take Joe's picture, so he could bring it home to his wife and she could say, "Guess who's missing from this picture?" - which is what she says about all of his photographs from his many work-related travels. It was great working directly with Joe here in California. Typically, we're off in some far away state, working on the same project, but in different cities or towns.

In the distance, the two black objects near the spit of white water extending seaward from the beach off Joe's left shoulder could very well be the dolphins that we saw a few seconds after I took this photo. They were following a school of fish up the coast toward the north, as were several pelicans and gulls.



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