NTS22 June 2003

Nature Training School was one of the best thing we did when we were young. This day camp in the woods up near Paxton taught us about trees, plants, lake creatures, birds, camping, orienteering, astronomy, volleyball, wiffleball, and, of course, rocks and minerals!

I looked for NTS on the web and found this site, which states: "The Nature Training School, opened in 1946, was originally some 40 acres of land at the Paxton-Holden town line west of Route 31 and bordered on the west by Asnebumskit Pond." This other site tells a bit more.

NTS gave me an appreciation of nature and ecology that has grown stronger through the years. I doubt there are many kids who were there with us that don't feel the same compassion for their environment. Then again, their Dad wasn't the rocks and minerals counselor.



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