16 July 2003

Here's Gary working on the New Jersey findings. Gary and I were the "QA Team" this week. We read all of the findings from the previous day and made sure they were all consistent and justified by the appropriate laws and regulations. It would be a pretty easy job, if we didn't have to do it in a room full of people talking about all sorts of things, and if we had a couple of days to do it, rather than having to finish in a few hours so we can give an outbriefing to the state environmental staff at 3:00 each day.

Oddly enough, my little HP laptop served as the center of our computer/printer network. It was the one that everyone could "see" from their computers. My computer was the file server, which meant that everyone could work from their own computers on the files that existed on my computer. That way, we didn't have to worry about working on the wrong version of an important file. It worked out quite well.



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