22 August 2003

Tonight the Band Camp Concert culminated a week of hard work by students, parents, and teachers. Although Matt and Scott might argue otherwise, the band sounded wonderful. Susan and I enjoyed watching our two kids in the same band for the fist time, yet felt like we were watching a ping-pong match as the trumpets and trombones were situated on opposite sides of the stage. This is the best concert of the year, in my opinion, because we can look down and see everyone on the band. In later events, we sit in the concert hall and are only able to see the select few students who sit near the edge of the stage.

I like this picture of the flutes warming up their instruments before the concert. It looks like a few of them were just beginning to notice my camera pointing in their direction from half-way up in the stadium stands. Hold your cursor over the image to see the whole band (almost). Matt is second from the right in the back row. Scott is standing on the left side, just in front of the fourth tuba from the left. You can click on the image, then again on the resulting image, to get a larger version of the photograph. (You might need to sign into Sony ImageStation to get access to the linked pages. It's free and rather harmless, and will allow you to see thousands of other MCHS band photographs taken over the past few years.)



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