Midori5 October 2003

Susan and I got all dressed up and drove downtown to see the San Diego Symphony this afternoon. I had won tickets right up near the front of Symphony Hall, thanks to my correct response to a contest question sent out on the Miramar College email system a few weeks ago. We enjoyed the music and the talent of the soloist, Midori, but had a hard time staying awake during the slow parts (we blame the cold medicines that we both took to avoid coughing and sneezing during the show). The violin soloist, Midori, was energetic and talented. Our favorite part, I think, was seeing the principal tuba player, who also happens to be the conductor for the countywide youth honor band in which Matt and Scott have both played. The brass section of two trumpets, three trombones, five horns, and Garbutt on the tuba provided musical energy and spark (keeping us wide awake) in Elgar's "Enigma Variations" during the second half of the show.



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