Arcadia15 November 2003

Arcadia is the biggest competition of the year for our band. Here are the Marching Sundevils near the start of the show, right after the first big "hit" of the show. At this point, the crowd is cheering as the band hits the top of their crescendo and comes down into a nice french horn solo, with the soloist in the middle of the diamond, and the captain of the colorguard doing a dance around her as she plays. The John Rutter music is the best of the show and the crowd knows it. Our band looked sharp and sounded great. They marched in the parade in the morning, but I had to miss it due to my teaching assignment. I'm glad I made it up for the field show.

By they way, the stands on the other side are reserved for the bands after they play. They filled up pretty well later in the evening.



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