Hang gliders19 December 2003

It's been a busy week and I've taken most of it off work; well, one of my jobs, anyway. It's finals week, and I wasn't able to do any grading or preparation while I was in Kansas, so this week has been grading, writing finals, teaching, giving finals, and more grading. Actually, it's been quite fun, as I tend to enjoy my teaching job. Fortunately, I spent enough time working in Kansas last week that I didn't have to take any comprehensive leave from my other job, even though I was hardly there at all this week. Sound complicated? Well, yes, it is. I did manage to stop off at the glider port on Wednesday to relax, look at the ocean, and take a few photos. As I recall, I did a little grading in the car over there as well. Is there a holiday or something coming up pretty soon?



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