Burns Park Disc Golf Course

14 February 2004

All week long, I drove by this intersection, just off of Exit 150 from Interstate 40 in North Little Rock. On this last day of our Arkansas visit, as I was driving it in the opposite direction for the first time, on my way to the airport with a couple of coworkers, I noticed the "Disc Golf" sign and this basket, which sits on a hill about 30 feet above the road. Fortunately, my flight didn't leave for another 6 hours or so and, of course, I had a couple of discs in my suitcase. So, after dropping off my coworkers, I checked out of the Residence Inn and played a few rounds at Burns Park. It's a 36-hole course, so I played one disc against the other, scoring a 52 and 59 on the hilly "blue" course and a pair of 62s on the flat and longer "red" course. Lucky for me, I had my LL Beans severe weather raincoat along the way, as it was sleeting and/or snowing the entire time. I made it to the airport in plenty of time, and my shoes were dry before I boarded the plane.

The yellow disc got the 52.



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