2 March 2004

A few new things about voting today. First, when I went to my normal polling place, I found I was no longer on their list, and had been transferred to a new polling location at the elementary school. The trip took 10 minutes or so, ven though it was just a few blocks away, passing the Safety Patrol kids directing the school-bound traffic. When I finally made it to the school, I found the future of American elections: touch screen ballots. They're quite convenient, and I'm anxious to learn of their reliability in this first electronic election.

I had my physical exam this morning right after voting. I'm pretty healthy, considering I don't exercise much. Blood pressure 120/78, heart rate 88 bpm, cholesterol 140, PSA 2.76, weight 255 pounds. All about the same or better than last time. The doc recommended more exercise, smaller portions, fewer carbs, more discrete meals, less nibbling, etc., none of which seems easy except for the more meals part.



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