13 March 2004

This morning, I taught a chemistry class, then, as soon as I got home, I was whisked off to El Camino High School for a band festival. Matt and Scott both played in their bands and sounded wonderful. We wanted to eat the the Old Spaghetti Factory, but the line was too long, so we ended up at Hometown Buffet and, once again, resolved to not return there in a very long time. It's just one of those place where you tend to eat too much of too many different things and end up feeling not so great about it. After dinner, we hung around the house for a while. I updated the RPB website with the results of the first tournament weekend. The best part of this nice day was late in the evening with all four of us sitting in the dark family room, watching the movie, Mona Lisa Smile, on DVD. It's so nice to spend the day together.



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