Star of India16 March 2004

Another one from the field trip archives. This was my overnight field trip on the Star of India tall ship with Matt's 5th grade class. Matt had some sort of important role in which he got to go up and ring a bell or something. We all had "watches" during the night. Mine was 2-4 am, I think, and Matt's was 4-6 am! (Even back then, he sometimes stayed up that late anyway.) I remember seing him late in the evning thinking he'd better get to sleep. Our group captain went downstairs to get Matt's group. They told me that they lifted him up out of his sleeping bag and talked to him, only to see him fall/slither back into the bag when they let him go. Eventually, he did get out of bed and out onto his watch. I took this photo looking down thru the hole through which the mast passes. He's on the lower level doing something, I forgot exactly what.



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