20 March 2004

It was either the reading glasses I wore all day at the chemistry lab and basketball scorekeeping table or just catching a touch of the flu from Susan, who wasn't feeling good at all today. By the time I got Scott to his 6:30 basketball game at the Alliant International University field house, I was feeling just plain miserable, with a headach and queasy stomach. Smelling the residues of the October fires as we drove up through the campus didn't help much either. This was my view from my seated position on the floor next to the chilly wall of this very large building. If this photo looks a little blurry, it's only because my head was spinning.

Scott is #3 in the red uniform, getting position for a defensive rebound. Scott's team won today and he got lots of good playing time, so being there actually made me feel a little better.

Matt went to a job fair at SeaWorld today. We'll see what comes of that!



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