23 March 2004

Here's a scene I took from the top of the parking garage at our doctor's office. It's right next to Torrey Pines golf course, a rather nice location for a hospital.

Interesting stuff on public radio today: First, Bob Edwards has announced that he'll be retiring from NPR's Morning Edition on April 30th. What will the world be like without Bob in the morning?

Second, our local public radio station, KPBS, featured an interview with Richard Florida, author of the book, The Rise of the Creative Class. He claims that creativity in a city makes it a great place to live. Makes sense to me. Encouragement and availability of performing arts and participatory cultural events and activities breeds a happier community and workplace. He cites the SAS Institute as one of the best places to work because of its practices, which include day care, tutoring, and a school at the workplace. He also makes the point that the cities that have the greatest acceptance of minorities, gays, etc., also happen to be the cities that are best for young families and children. Read all about it at http://www.creativeclass.org/. Take the creativity quizzes at the "Are You Creative?" link.



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