RPB finals

27 March 2004

RPB Championship Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Last year, Scott was in the 8th grade boys final game, but lost in a close one. Matt's team won when he was in 7th grade, then Scott's 6th grade team won the following year. This year, neither kid even played in the league, but I did the website and ran the scorekeeper's and timekeeper's training session anyway, because it means I get to work with a great group of people who are on the league's board of directors, and with whom I've been friends for a very long time. Here are Paul and Ralph doing the scoresheets and clock, and a couple of older kids, Dima and Paul's son Keith, doing the play-by-play on the PA system, a feature unique to Championship Day. At the end of each game, we give trophies to both teams. The winner's trophy, being slightly taller and fancier than the 2nd place trophy. Ralph and Paul were at the gym all day long, from the first game at 8 am through cleanup after the final game around 10 pm. I would have been right there all day with them, but couldn't get to the gym until after my chemistry class, which ended at noon.

Matt took an SAT test today.



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