8 April 2004

I've been meaning to write something in here about Captain Kangaroo ever since Bob Keeshan's passing in January of this year, at which time I scanned the internet for sites relating to his old TV show back in the 1950s and 60s. One website describes his show especially well: "Captain Kangaroo taught us good manners, respect and fair play. Mr. Green Jeans taught us to be nice to animals. We learned a lot from that show and had fun doing it." Thanks, Captain.

I think Mr. Bunny Rabbit was one of my favorite characters, along with Mr. Moose and his ping pong balls, Dancing Bear, and Mr. Green Jeans. That Grandfather Clock, however, was a bit creepy, but still nice once he woke up. Remember all those great songs, many of which we had on 45's? "The Green Grass Grew all Around", "Three Little Kittens", was "Horace the Horse" one of them? I'll have to get those 45s out and make a better list one of these days.



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