17 April 2004

I don't do "What's for Dinner" shots very often, but after arriving at Lindbergh Field two hours early, and going through the check-in line in just a few minutes, I had some time to waste, so I got this carne asada burrito platter at the airport's Rubios restaurant (familiar fare for us here in San Diego) and took this picture as I was eating. Lucky for me that I had this meal , because on the US Airways 5-1/2 hour nonstop flight to Philadelphia, they ran out of food before they got to me in Seat 23E. You'd think they would have enough to go around, especially since they're charging $10 now for the meal, but no, they didn't. Thanks to this hearty lunch, I didn't mind, but the moms and kids behind me weren't happy at all about it.



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