20 April 2004

This is a typical view from one of the holes at the Cape Henlopen disc golf course. Nothing but sand dunes and thick pine trees. This is the hole where, after my first shot, it took me 30 minutes to find my disc. (See rollover for location of my disc, lodged six feet up in a pine tree. The disc is yellow.) Ironically, there is an open sandy area just behind the tall tree at the left center as seen from the tee. My throw went straight out and landed in a thicket. I wrote a little poem as I was struggling through this course.

Briars, Brambles, and Thorns

The trees, they mock me.
Protecting my disc
then stabbing me
when I retrieve it.
They knock me down
if I dare take a chance
by throwing through them.

Okay, it's not a great poem, but I was frustrated. The title comes from the tee maps, which were nice enough to point out some of the hazards along the way.


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