North 10 May 2004

Bobby and I went out for a round of disc golf yesterday. We had hoped to play at Kaposia Park, a nationally known disc golf course in St. Paul, but when we arrived, we learned that it had been closed. We saw a couple of guys getting out of their car with a frisbee, so we asked them what was going on with the course. They said somebody found some "underground chemicals" so they had to close the course. Maybe it's a Superfund site or something like that. Anyway, the guys with the frisbee directed us through South St. Paul to another nice course in Inver Grove Heights. This is the signature 15th hole, stretching more than 800 feet into the woods across the pond. Bobby and I both got a score of 5, which, we were told, was par for the hole. Overall, the course, which winds around this drainage basin, was quite exhausting in the 85 degree Minnesota heat.



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