14 May 2004

Our archrivals, the Mavericks from La Costa Canyon, pulled even with our Sundevils by winning the match today, after our team crushed them two weeks ago in their home gymnasium. The scores were 28-26 and 25-22 this time. We held them to under ten points in each game last time. Fortunately, this last match of the season didn't affect the Sundevils' first place finish in the Freshmen Volleyball standings. Here Scott and AJ wait for play to begin as one of the Mavericks signals a play in the foreground. It's been a fun season for the freshman Sundevils this year. The kids have played superbly and formed strong bonds as they support each other thru each win and loss. Their coach, Mr. Bird, has been wonderful in teaching and motivating them to do their best.

This evening, we'll celebrate the season with a beach party in Del Mar. I'm already looking forward to next season.



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