16 May 2004

Another nice photo from last weekend's birthday party in Minnesota. Here's Maggie in the "Jump for Joy" rental.

Today ends a strange weekend. On Saturday morning, the stopcock fell out of my burette as I was demonstrating a titration in front of my chemistry students, spilling sodium hydroxide all over my hands, the benchtop, and several student papers (first time something like that has happened in nearly 30 years of teaching). Later in the day, I was driving one of Scott's basketball teammates home from a game, which was strange enough already as Scott was leaving with another teammate, and got a flat tire. We spent lots of today unclogging leaves and stems from the pipes underneath the concrete around our pool. (Scott ended up fixing that problem, thanks to his persistence and a long long wire.) Fortunately, I was able to catch up on my chemistry grading and help a couple of students during office hours at Barnes & Noble this evening. Much remains to be done. Catching up after a week of travel always takes longer than I had expected.


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