17 May 2004

Bobby and Buddy on the front steps last week.

Today I spent the morning at the tire store getting my free replacement tire. Actually, most of my 2 1/2 hours were spent waiting for them to start working on my car, but once they got started, it was a quick process and I was out by 11. I didn't mind, because I had my backpack and laptop, and was able to get some work done. Work was good, and my class went well. We talked about acids and bases. Later I sat in Barnes & Noble for office hours and helped a student with her quiz for an hour or so as we sipped on drinks in the cafe. When I got home, everybody was hungry, so we all went out to dinner at Rubio's. It was a little late (I always feel full in the morning when I eat past 8 pm or so, but it was nice having dinner as a family - an all too rare event these days with everybody being so busy.



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